About the Brand

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to calm down
cool, wicked, nice
to hang out
to be easy-going
a little bit cold
it’s ok

Chill Street is a positive lifestyle brand that creates trend-setting craft beverages that are fun, approachable, uniquely flavoured, and great value.

At Chill Street, we care. We encourage all our customers to step back, wind down, and reconnect with themselves, their families, and their friends. To have a laugh, talk old times, share some great food, and just do nothing; your happy place!


Since Chill Street opened in June 2017, it’s been easy to see that we are all about innovation; our flagship store and cidery is located inside a supermarket in Elmsdale, Nova Scotia! To our knowledge, this was the first of its kind in North America.

Through increased demand and our commitment to building a unique line of ciders, our team has since grown to include a number of strategic partners, such as Noggins Corner Farm – one of the most prominent apple growers in Nova Scotia’s renowned Annapolis Valley.